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Handcrafted in Cornwall

It's not often I'll get excited about some pieces of wood, but these are a little different...

I picked up my brand new DJ booth today and I couldn't be happier with it, it looks simply stunning! When setting up Fistral Stereo I wanted something extra special to be the centrepiece of my set up. More often than not, your average 'Disco Dave' will turn up at an event and throw some black cloth that his dog was using as a bed over a trestle table and think he's good to go... well I think you derserve something better than that :)

This little beauty was handcrafted by a very talented Cornish craftsman called Ali. He already has a lifesize UFO and some Hobbit Huts to his credit so I thought a simple DJ Booth would be a doddle for him... Low and behold he comes out with this little beauty! Thanks Ali, it'll be taking pride of place at all my weddings this season.

I hope you'll agree, this is one sexy DJ booth! :)

Just some of the clients Fistral Stereo has had the pleasure of working with:

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