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1. These terms and conditions relate to a typical booking. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any services as by doing so, you accept that these terms and conditions will govern all Contracts.

2. Should you wish to extend the performance times of your booking either on the night of your event or beforehand, in addition to the initial contracted performance times, this is available at £100.00 per hour.

3. In order to provide the music for the event, a minimum of two 240v plug sockets must be made available.

4. In the unlikely event of Fistral Stereo having to cancel due to injury or illness, a good effort will be made by Fistral Stereo to find a suitable replacement. If this isn’t possible, any payments made will be returned including any deposits. If either Fistral Stereo or the Client has to cancel due to force majeure where the performance from Fistral Stereo becomes unfeasibly difficult or expensive, the deposit will be retained. If the Client cancels within 14 days of the booked occasion, or during the performance for any reason, the total fee will be liable.

5. Unless the performance and preparation you receive was misleading to what was advertised, in accordance with trading standards, no part or full refunds will be made. This includes lack of attendance by guests, weather conditions and/or unreasonable expectations from the Client and/or their guests. Dry shelter must be provided for outdoor events.

6. The Client may request to see documentation referring to the legality of the service provided (Public Liability Insurance & Portable Appliance Testing certificates).

7. A testimonial may be requested after the proposed date, however you will not be obliged to give one. Fistral Stereo reserves the right to record, capture or reproduce any events that happen during the performance unless requested beforehand.

8. It is understood that if any equipment or persons are in threat of damage or injury, the performance must cease until the Client has resolved the threat, and full payment is still required.

9. It is understood that if any of the equipment provided by Fistral Stereo for the occasion suffers any damage and/or theft as a result of the Client’s and/or their guests’ actions (including when inebriated), the Client will be liable for the repair/replacement costs of that equipment.

10. Fistral Stereo and any assistants will conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the occasion and the performance.

Just some of the clients Fistral Stereo has had the pleasure of working with:

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